Bar Tool Alternatives

If you want just to get started with cocktails, or see if you like cocktails before buying a kit, you can! You can make cocktails at home tonight with what you have laying around the house. First, there are many cocktails that are built in the glass meaning they’re not shaken or stirred and, most of the time, if the drink is traditionally shaken or stirred and it can be altered to be built in the glass. If you are set on shaking or stirring a cocktail then here are a couple things laying around your kitchen you can use to replace traditional cocktail kit tools.

1. Shaker Tins: for a shaker alternative, you can simply use a large mason jar. many craft cocktail bars nowadays are using mason jars instead of cocktail shakers because of this new obsession with mason jars. Simply put all the ingredients in, add your ice, screw on the lid and shake the cocktail it can be a little slower of a process, but is just as effective.

2. Strainer: building off the last, you can just slide the lid of the mason jar a little bit to form an opening for the liquid to escape, while still holding back the ice. Be careful not to let the lid slide too far and the ice spill into the drink or onto the counter. Otherwise you could drill holes in a secondary lid to place on top after you shake. In addition, you can use the open side of a citrus press, while it takes a bit more finesse, it still works just fine. If you are looking for a Julep strainer alternative you can just use a slotted spoon

3. Bar spoon: this is probably the easiest tool to replicate from kitchen supplies. This can simply be a butter knife or any other sort of utensil that is long enough to reach the bottom of the stirring container and is either flat or has a shallow “bowl”. Potentially you already have a long handled spoon in the kitchen somewhere.

4. Muddler: alternatives to a muddler include anything that will fit into your mixing class or the cup your building the drink and has a hard, flat surface. All the muddler needs to do is press the herbs or fruit to extract the juices and oils. For example, if you have a thin rolling pin or dowel rod this can be used to replace the muddler.

5. Jiggers: Jiggers can be replaced by any sort of measuring device, a measuring cup/s, tablespoons, even solo cups. Another option is to measure out and draw lines on the side of a double shot glass similar to that above

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