Saving Money on Your Budget Bottles

When I first started drinking, I was constantly looking for the best deal I could find. Whether it be a better value for a bottle, or a store that price matches. Today I want to share about an app that can save you money on bottles no matter the store!

The app is called Ibotta it’s an OS and android app that you can download for free. It sends you cash back on groceries and other purchases, including beer, wine, and spirits. Most of the time the offers you can get cashback on are spirits that already are overpriced (in my opinion). But on occasion, there are some good bottles on Ibotta that you can get $2-$4 cashback and sometimes even more depending on the size. This makes stocking a bar much cheaper. For example, I got a bottle of El Jimador tequila for $4 cashback on the 750 mL which dropped the price into the $12 range. While many times I will not get cash back on the bottles I want, it is always worth a glance before you go to the liquor store.


Below is a deal I will be taking advantage of soon, a great value tequila for $3 cash back!

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