Broken Barrel Cocktail Hour

The episode we received a promotion set of Broken Barrel Whiskeys:
That PDF explains their idea of the series and what sets it apart from your run of the mill whiskeys.

The 3 Bottles we tasted:
– Mizunara
– Isle of Peat
– Cask of Amontillado

We try each of the bottles one a large, condensed cube of ice. Listen to the quick mini-sode to hear our favorites, as well as the tasting notes of each.

We also had the opportunity to try two of the Infuse Bitters product line, Lemon Pepper and Sassafras ( ).
These bitters are absolutely fantastic and we cannot wait to use them in a cocktail, stay tuned!

Thanks again to Broken Barrel Whiskey and Infuse Bitters for the opportunity to try these great products!

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