Tip-Top Tiki Talk

This week we record our 25th episode! I can’t believe we have already recorded 25 episodes and fortunately have been able to do it without missing a Friday yet! We really hope to continue posting episodes each week and keep you entertained and captivated while providing great budget tips, budget bottles, and industry interviews!

Okay, back to this episode… we discuss the origins of tiki cocktails and tiki culture from the 1920s till today. What is tiki? It is the Americanized version of Pacific island culture, essentially cultural appreciation boarder-lining on appropriation. While it is thought to be Hawaiian it also encompasses the South Pacific/Polynesia.
Tiki flourished from the late 1920s to the 1960s, but then started to decline up until the late 1990s when a slow revival occurred, which continues to today.

Planters Punch:
-3oz Dark Rum
-.75oz Lime Juice
-1oz Simple Syrup
-.25oz Grenadine
-3dash Angostura Bitters
-2oz soda water
Mix all the ingredients besides soda and open pour into the glass, top with soda.

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