Below is the ever-growing list of the most commonly asked questions.

Where do I start?

There are a couple ways to start your home bar. Unless you have a certain style of drinks in mind or a spirit that you really enjoy, I suggest starting with a whisky and a gin because the majority of the classic cocktails are created with one of these two spirits.

How do you tell the difference between a good and bad value?

This is an extremely difficult distinction, it’s hard to determine the value if you have not read reviews about a certain bottle. Lucky for you all, we will be adding our list of bottle recommendations based on the advice of bartenders, books, internet sources, and experience.

When is it appropriate to get the cheapest available?

Normally I am against this and prefer to opt for the best value, but there are situations that it can be done. The first situation being a cocktail or punch recipe that either contains very little alcohol or a lower percentage of alcohol compared to other ingredients. The second being the purchase of vodka or light rum for a huge crowd where the cost would be much higher to get the value bottle. For those spirits, there is less difference between the cheapest and the value bottle than dark spirits. Lastly, if you are making your own liqueurs or bitters, it is just fine to get the cheapest bottle of grain alcohol or vodka, due to the addition of extremely dense flavors.

When is it appropriate to spend a little more for a bottle?

In short, if you are making spirit forward cocktails. Many of the classics are spirit forward, but if the drink is 80-85% one spirit (i.e. old fashion, martini), you should likely get the better bottle. That being said, there is never a reason to spend 50+ on a bottle.



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