Broken Barrel Whiskey – Infuse Bitters

We had the fortune of trying a sample pre-release of all three Broken Barrel Whiskey varieties, as shown in the picture. It was such a unique experience trying each of the super unique whiskeys.

These whiskeys use a technique of infusing broken barrels into a whiskey and adding to the flavor of the already aged whiskey. This is a technique they are trademarking I believe, called the Oakbill. So that technique is the final part of the whiskey making process. You have the Mash Bill which is the list of grains used in the making of the base whiskey, then the Oak Bill or the list of the broken barrels placed into the whiskey.

We tried each of them on a large dense cube of ice to avoid dilution, but I also separately tried them neat. Both experiences were delicious and I suggest either way, while the 100-110 proof is a bit intimidating, it definitely does not taste that high.

Check the tasting notes in the photo as well as the on the cocktail hour podcast. They are the ones written by the distiller and some of our own (on the show).

The bitters, they were generous enough to let us try as well, were absolutely delicious and also some of the most unique flavors I’ve ever had! The Lemon pepper will be one of the most useful bitters I’ve tasted. It would elevate and improve almost any cocktail. As for the sassafras, I cannot wait to use them in some classic whiskey cocktails to make delicious, unique variations. It does have that root beer flavor mixed with licorice, but it captures the flavor without the crazy sweetness.

Thank you so much to the people at Broken Barrel Whiskey and Infuse Spirits! I highly suggest their products, if they are available, if not you can always order the bitters.

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