Our Philosophy

There is a problem with the whole craft cocktail/mixology reemergence. All those in the field make it look and sound much more difficult than it really is. Making delicious drinks is not hard! A second issue with the movement is the slowly increasing price tag of cocktails, due to overcomplexity and a focus on theĀ  "local" and "craft" spirits. The intimidation of the flair, jargon, and cost make the pursuit of delicious, affordable cocktails seem impossible. It is not impossible, even on a budget anyone can make fantastic cocktails at home!

My Story

I first began my pursuit of great craft cocktails in college. As many others are in college, I was looking for the best possible value to stretch my few dollars. While many turned to that 30 rack of Natural Light, I decided to be a little more sophisticated in my drinking and mix up some basic "cocktails". I started with the typical two part highballs - rum and coke, whiskey and coke, whiskey and ginger - and slowly moved on to drinks with a bit more prestige - mojitos, pina coladas, mules. This was done with no bar tools, just what was laying around and really got the attention of housemates and friends who had me whip up some drinks for them. Since then my tool kit, home bar, knowledge, and repertoire has grow immensely. I hope to be able to pass along what I have learned along the way to prove that anyone can make great craft cocktails at home on a budget.

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